Thursday, August 5, 2010

The studio

In my previous posting I showed a couple of self-portraits done from reflections in windows. The following three drawings I did while viewing people through glass. Part of the media centre at 1 Intelligence Unit, Kimberley, where I whiled away some 18 months up till mid-1981, encompassed a sort of recording studio set-up. This was run by a different set of okes, but we got to visit it on occasions, during one of which I obviously did these drawings.

Seen through glass, this oke seems to be seated at some kind of recording device. I do recall that there was talk that in this section the officers were shown videos made by the "enemies of South Africa", such as I think it was the BBC's Last Grave at Dimbaza, a scathing indictment of forced removals. Happily, some of our mates recorded every edition of Pop Shop, that half-hour slot on SABC which often included some great bands. These we would go and watch avidly at weekends.

Another oke, another angle. I'm not sure what's happening here, or why the word Sony is on that curved component.

Here, too, the thing is a mystery. Why I did two okes in the same pose I can't explain. But it made for quite an interesting sketch.

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