Wednesday, December 1, 2010


July, 1993, and our second son, Douglas, was born at St George's Hospital, PE. Actually, he wasn't born Douglas. We named him a few days later. Some 17 years on he designed the header at the top of this blog. Anyway, I was lucky to find a pencil and paper when I visited mom and infant at the maternity ward three days after his birth.

This is a trifle shadowy as the picture is framed under glass.

Douglas at a few months in a car seat. It's not easy drawing babies!

His uncle, AB, thought we should have called him Sherman, after the tank, such was the nature of his torso. Today he is a six-foot stringbean.

Doug rests on a couch in his pre-walking days.

And he gives the thumbs up for his achievement of holding a toy telephone.

But his actual size can be gauged in relation to his mother.

Here is mom Robyn with short hair. Top right is older brother Luke, aged about 2-and-a-half.

This composite shows snippets of all three of the above.

Still in nappies, a headless Luke plays.

Those were done during a visit to my brother AB's home in East London. We also popped in at Latimer's Landing, just below the main bridge over the Buffalo River, which boasts the only river harbour in SA. This was the view from this waterfront development, which never really took off.

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