Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Real and imagined

Taken from the same drawing book and done about five years ago, these sketches illustrate the fundamental difference between drawing from life and from your imagination.

One of the defining features of the first decade of this century, for my family anyway, was the dominant roll played by the computer. Even when we visited relatives in East London for holidays, my sons - especially the younger one, Doug - would end up playing computer games for hours with their cousin, Stuart. Here Luke, left, looks on as Stuart tackles some game or other.

At times I did manage to drag them out to see what EL has to offer, including a few visits to the famous museum, with its epochal coelacanth display. This is part of a pottery display in a section devoted to Xhosa and other traditional lifestyles.

On one of many walks to Nahoon mouth from Bonza Bay I did this quick sketch of two guys fishing from a canoe at Blue Bend.

In the same drawing book I did this picture of a mouse, allowing my imagination to have some fun.

The images become more bizarre the longer I work at them.

Unfortunately, my old ballpoint pen became a bit blotchy here, detracting somewhat from the image. I rather like the smiling tree, bottom left.

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