Friday, June 8, 2012

My clash with Kader Asmal

I got into a brief spat with the late Kader Asmal, a former minister of water affairs and also of education, in the columns of the Herald. I thought I hadn't kept the clippings from 1998, but stumbled across an envelope with the articles along with others from the period. It was just over four years after the advent of ANC rule and the honeymoon was most definitely over. In the following articles from the time (which precede others posted earlier) I also looked at non-political issues like the national lottery, the ban on smoking in public places and did a few travelogues after a holiday in the UK. (To read the articles, press shift and left click.)

This, from April 19, 1998, warned of the dangers of a too powerful ANC.

The first part of my article, which appeared in the Herald on August 8, 1998, on Britain's national lottery. It concludes below.

The lotto conclusion.

I had this piece published in the Herald's motoring supplement on August 27, 1998. It concludes below.

End of the road.

On September 5, 1998, I dominated the leader page of the Saturday edition of the Herald. The article was run around a cartoon by Napier Dunn. This is the headline and blurb, with the rest in three parts below.

The first column of my piece on military conscription.

The second part.

The concluding part.

I did not write down the date for this, which appeared soon after the above article. But imagine my surprise when I saw none other than Kader Asmal had taken offence at my offering. I was lucky at the time that the person laying out the leader page invited me to write a reply to Asmal's attack, which is run in bold print.

There has been much hypocrisy in the new SA, not least when affirmative action, black economic empowerment and so on are involved. Why should the child of a wealthy black politician, businessman, etc, be favoured over that of a middle class white person who earns far less?

In 1998 we visited the UK. This article about Lindisfarne appeared in the Weekend Post's Leisure suppmenent on September 26, 1998. It concludes in two parts below.

The middle part.

The conclusion.

Little did we realise, when this was published on October 23, 1998, that Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma would for several long years as foreign minister actively condone Robert Mugabe's destructive, racist policies in Zimbabwe.


My wife Robyn got in on the act with this superb book review, which was run on November 4, 1998.

This, from January 16, 1999, appeared in the Leisure supplement. It concludes in two sections below.

More on the Surrey visit.

The last of Surrey.

I also did a piece on our visit to Hadrian's Wall, but couldn't locate either the clipping or my original digital copy. Luckily I printed it out at the time. The pictures that went with it are non-digital and stashed away somewhere. The article concludes in two sections below.

Hardian's Wall Part 2.

Hardian's Wall Part 3.

In this, from February 13, 1999, I continue to take on the ANC. It concludes below.

The economy concludes.

I have no date for this, but it was done in about 1998 or 1999. This is a photocopy and it concludes below.

Baden Powell concludes.

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