Monday, September 13, 2010


Having been virtually raised on the Bonza Bay Beach, for much of my adult life I have gravitated to the sea whenever possible - though of late I've failed dismally in this regard. Anyway, this series of drawings seems to have been done in East London, but quite where I can't say.

The slope of the sand here suggests Bonza Bay at low tide. It is fairly exposed to the wind, so often one would find people well wrapped up on their towels, taking cover not only from the sun, but also the wind. I rather like the sculptural quality of these two figures and the brolly.

Ah yes. You can't visit the seaside without finding kids making sandcastles with their buckets and spades. Here the boy has, by accident, acquired a rather old-looking face.

Where better for two women to get talking than on the sand, with the waves pounding shorewards nearby?

Given the omnipresent wind at Bonza Bay, chances are you'll find someone flying a kite.

Two more beach visitors - for not all were bathers - with their umbrella, again probably at Bonza Bay.

I'm a bit confused by this picture, which shows a tanker apparently inside the bay caused by that headland on the right, which seems to be Nahoon. The kids in the foreground couldn't care less.

The undulating dunes in the background suggest this is Bonza Bay looking out towards Gonubie.

Here the two dogs seem to be blown into weird shapes by the wind.

And where did this Border collie come from? My mom had one, which sometimes joined us, illegally, on the beach.

Where the heck is this? I can't place the tower in the background, unless this was done somewhere like Eastern Beach and the tower is in the East London harbour.

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