Thursday, May 17, 2012

Art reviews flow thick and fast

In the space of about three weeks in late 2008 I had about six major art reviews published in the Herald, Port Elizabeth, close on the heels of one of NMMU's senior lecturers having dismissed my views as worthless (see previous posting). As noted earlier, I did this work over and above my full-time job as a night sub on the Herald. (To read these articles, hold down shift and left click and they come up larger. Click again on the image and it gets larger still.)

Due to scanning constraints, I have had to divide the larger reviews. This, of the EP Society of Arts and Crafts' 90th annual exhibition, appeared on August 21, 2008. It concludes below

It concludes

Another group exhibition, this review appeared on August 25, 2008

The rest

My review of Standard Bank Young Artist 2008 Nontsikelelo Veleko's exhibition appeared on August 26. It concludes below

The Veleko conclusion

Bretten-Anne Moolman came of age and I was around to spread the good news on September 2, 2008

Anthony Harris and Donve Vlok held a joint exhibition. This is my review from September 3, 2008. It concludes below

It ends here

One of my favourite local artists is Louise Almon. This review appeared on September 15. The picture run with it is below

The Lou Almon picture

Having done woodwork at school, I even considered myself reasonably qualified to write about wood-turning. This is from September 16, 2008

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