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Fine art and Port Elizabeth's 2010 stadium

After a brief Grahamstown visit in my previous posting, I've returned to the recording of my art reviews published in the Herald, PE, in the latter part of the first decade of this century. This section covers from mid-September, 2008, till mid-May, 2009. (To read them, hold down control and left click. Click again to see them larger still.)

The Montage Gallery in Walmer really made an art of staging art exhibitions. This was published on September 17, 2008

Due to scanning constraints, my review of photographerTim Hopwood's show is done in two takes. It was published on September 29, 2008

My sons and I made regular forays to the North End Lake to monitor progress on the construction of the stadium being built for the 2010 Fifa World Cup. This led to our starting our first blog, 2010 Stadium Watch. These are two of my pictures taken at the time and published in the Herald on October 6, 2008. We actually met an engineer working on the project while taking pictures and he told us he visited used our blog to follow the project while out of the countrry. I plan, at some stage, to use some of those pictures to present a pictorial record of the project

This review was published on October 13, 2008

At one point the powers that be made life more difficult for me, making me take my own pictures at the various art shows I attended. Hence the picture byline. Again, I had to scan it in two parts. This was run on October 14

This was run on October 15, 2008, and concludes below.

My photo was run with this article

Another fine show at the Cuyler Street Gallery. This is from October 27, 2008, and concludes below

The conclusion

Tossie Theron kept me on my toes. This, marking the closure of her gallery, also appeared on October 27, 2008

Port Alfred artists featured in this show, reviewed on November 17, 2008, and concluding below

The last bit

I even had a kind word on November 17, 2008, for Melanie Hillebrand, director of the Nelson Mandela Metro Art Museum

Another bit of Montage magic. This is from November 24, 2008

The EP Society of Arts and Crafts (Epsac) gallery often delivered fine fare. This is from February 2, 2009, and concludes below

The ending

I still kept submitting the odd piece to Lifestyle, the Sunday Times magazine. This is from March, 22, 2009

Another interesting Epsac show, from March 23, 2009, it concludes below

I recall this review led to a call from Ken Denton, the Irish magnate who has bought up large swathes of historic Central and, sadly, left many historic gems to fall into almost irreparable states of direpair. His attempt at finally restoring the 1860s Donkin Terrace homes has been halted by officials because he is changing their character. They are arguably the most distinctive architectural feature in the city. How tragic.

This show certainly made me keen to visit India at some time. This is from May 11, 2009, and concludes below

Indian sunset

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