Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Branching out

Towards the end of my diploma course at the EL Tech, in 1977, I started drawing in different media, which provided some interesting results.

Gaining in confidence, I started drawing in ink, this time a fine liner. Significantly, using this dash technique, I started discovering afresh the key role played by the direction of lines in shading.

From the same page as the two above is this study, which is another breakthrough moment really, as I come to grips with the power of lines in moulding form.

I also got into using pen-and-ink and was much taken with the quality of line produced by this somewhat scratchy medium.

Unfortunately, I had to crop a bit off the right-hand figure due to scanner constraints, but I found this study interesting, the one on the left clearly done after the one on the right - a fresh attempt as it were.

This mean looking oke is yours truly. This is one of few self-portraits I did during my art school years. Why I drew on blue paper I don't know. You used whatever was at hand, I guess.

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