Friday, June 25, 2010

Media centre

Working in the media centre at 1 Intelligence Unit in Kimberley, having been ditched from the real military intelligence work due to my being an obvious security risk, I was able to draw my colleagues on a regular basis. Pencils were often to hand, and the line quality achieve using pencil is unlike any other.

This, if I recall correctly, is Corporal Craig Glenday of Cape Town, who was in charge of our little outfit of about 10 people, havng succeeded a Maritzburg oke, Callie Shimwell. I really enjoy this sort of loose drawing style.

I am now truly drawing "for the pot". When they work, I believe, sketches like this one of a guy I recall having the surname Selkirk, can stand on their own as works of art. My one concern is that the paper, after some 30 years, is already starting to age badly.

Another of my colleagues hard at work in the media centre. This time a purple koki pen was conveniently at hand.

One of the characters in the centre was this guy, whose surname was Keyter. I think I achieved the pose quite well with a handful of lines.

Using fine-liner again, I captured two colleagues, one a corporal.

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