Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More staffers

This is probably the last batch of drawings I have of staff members on the Herald, where I work as a sub-editor. They were done about five years ago.

This guy I only remember as Vusi. He arrived, along with another African journalist called Cliff Mkhize, soon after Jethro Goko, a Zimbabwean, took over the editor's chair around 2005. Neither lasted too long, with Cliff happy to be able to return to KZN and his family after securing a post on a Durban paper.

Only my note telling me this is veteran photographer Ivor Markman convinces me this is indeed him. Because this guy is too thin-faced to be Ivor, which is the fault of no one else but me. I'm not sure, either, who the other faces belong to.

Another mystery man. Who on earth is this bearded oke?

Even these two do not ring bells.

I can't place this wonky character either.

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  1. the bearded mystery man beneath ivor markman looks a lot like Leon Muston to me?