Sunday, January 23, 2011


I've seen them come and go. Having started working on the Evening Post in 1984, and moving to the EP Herald in 1988, where I have been ever since (apart from a two year secondment to the London office of the SA Morning Group), I am one of the longest-serving subs on the paper (I switched to subbing in 1994). Anyway, here are a few more characters encountered over the decades.

As mentioned in an earlier post, Robert Ball was a deputy editor on the Herald and the person behind the long-running Hugh Baakens column. He retired a few years ago, and probably won't be too flattered by this quick sketch I did of him in 2006.

Another person who has been in journalism for yonks, and who retired a few years back but still "dashes" fairly often, is Ina Randall, also sketched in 2006.

I couldn't resist doing this quickie of Deon Roelofsz (no one can spell his surname correctly), who chief-subbed regularly on the Herald until recently. Here he savours the prospect of that cigarette he'll head to the smoking room to enjoy.

As seen in earlier posts, I did several sketches of veteran journalist Geoff Bird, but I don't think any quite captured his character like this one does.

Fiona McCrae spent many years working in the UK before returning to work on the Herald for the past five years. She has now taken the bold step of starting what I understand will be a B&B in Bethulie, a historic dorpie on the northern banks of the Gariep Dam.

Deep in thought. This, according to a note I made on the page, is Marlene McCall, another Newspaper House veteran. Like me she started as a reporter before becoming a sub-editor.

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