Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Crisis in education

It is perhaps fitting that the first "recent" cutting I located among my haphazard collection is from January 2000 and concerns education, which continues to suffer the consequences of incredibly poor decision-making. By pure coincidence the article refers to then Education Minister Kader Asmal, who recently died. I've had to scan my piece in two takes. Please click on the item to read it in larger format. Click a second time and it's larger still.

The photo used here was probably taken around 1992, when I was still working as a reporter on the Herald.

The concluding part of my article.

I put this piece aside from the same period. Steve Mulholland was the boss of Times Media Limited for a long period, and wrote incisively in his "baby", the Sunday Times's Business Times, before, having retired, he was summarily ditched as a columnist. His article appeared a day after mine, but I think we expressed similar sentiments.

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