Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thabo Mbeki, Ron Belling, the Evening Post

When Thabo Mbeki took over as president from Nelson Mandela in 1999, most political commentators treated him like he was some sort of intellectual giant (despite his small stature) who could do no wrong. I was having none of that, as a couple of articles from the year 2000 published in the Herald indicate. I also had a go at local photographer Tim Hopwood's take on Port Elizabeth's art scene and wrote an obituary for the Evening Post.

This is the first part of my piece slamming the ANC's obsession with race under Mbeki. The rest of the article follows. Please click on the image to see it larger, and click again to see it larger still.

The final part of my piece on Mbeki.

I was the art critic on the Herald from about 1992 till 2000. The conclusion of this piece is below.

The last section of the article on Tim Hopwood.

I worked on the Evening Post from 1984 to 1988, when I joined the Eastern Province Herald. This was my response to its demise. The article continues in two sections below.

The second section of the piece on the Post.

The concluding Post piece.

Another political piece, with the two concluding sections below.

The penultimate section.

The last section.

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