Monday, July 18, 2011

Football, Else Schreiner, Mbeki, Gadaffi, Mugabe

While I continued to attack the ANC government for its glaring failures in the early 2000s, I also found myself full of pride at finally living in a non-racial country. This was brought home to me during a visit to the old Boet Erasmus Stadium in Port Elizabeth to watch Bafana Bafana. (Please click on the articles to see them at a readable size. Click again to see them even bigger.)

My article on watching Bafana. In the third last paragraph it should read Shaun Bartlett, not Buckley. There is also an unfortunate concord error.

A review of a book by a white struggle activist, Else Schreiner.

There were rumours of a plot to topple the increasingly despotic Thabo Mbeki. I was all for a changing of the guard.

Remember those days when the ANC feted the likes of Gadaffi and Mugabe. This was my response on April 30, 2001, to one of the Libyan dictator's many absurd utterances.

And of course the collapse of Zimbabwe continued to weigh heavily. The concluding section of this article is below.

The last part of the article on Zimbabwe. I can't recall Khusta ever responding to my challenge. Today he seems to be with the opposition Congress of the People.

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