Thursday, July 28, 2011

Antjie Krog, football, Cosatu, Picasso

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission undoubtedly helped address the horrors of our apartheid past. I reviewed Antjie Krog's book about the process, Country of My Skull, for the Herald in 2002. I also wrote a piece on the need for soccer to be given the same status as rugby at former Model C schools, and for Cosatu to cut ties with the ANC. There was also a review of an interesting book on Pablo Picasso

The first part of my piece on Antjie Krog's book, Country of My Skull. (Please click on the text to see it in larger format. Click again and it's bigger still.)

The final part of my review of Krog's book, which was published in the Herald on May 15, 2002.

My piece on soccer at schools.

Just what was it like to live with Picasso? Marina Picasso tells it like it was in My Grandfather, reviewed here.

The first part of my piece on Cosatu.

The concluding section of the Cosatu piece.

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  1. Hi...I'm hapless younger sibling of an ex Bentley cohort (one of Jack Luggs) - marriage is not a trap, as described herein. Having one of "those artists" in the family, I know where you are from. I left ELTC art school after a few months, having exceptionally better and much much greener pastures. We're living in rural England, have you ever been there? Maybe some new inspiration on the horizon if you are a very good boy. Nice to meet you, by the way. xxx

    PS: at uni, in the early 80s, b4 dropping out, we joyously ended conscription (End Conscription Campaign) and dutifully boycotted Botha's Army of Hardship (United Democratic Front, then a banned organisation) preliminary to the real deal Referendum by the white electorate which we all equally dutifully boycotted. Happy days. I reserve comment on subsequent developments in SA or lack thereof!