Friday, July 8, 2011

Mad Bob, Jonathan Swift, haircuts and Pope Pius

I seemed to take my first swipe at Mad Robert Mugabe in April, 2000, which is the second piece posted below. About this time I also discovered the joys of writing about good books, especially biographies.

Not only did I review this biography of Jonathan Swift, I also read Gulliver's Travels for the first time, and discovered it was a most disturbing book, indeed.

My first fusillade against Mugabe as he set about destroying Zimbabwe.

The last section of the Mugabe article.

I was on a roll, and every subject was worthy of an article.

The conclusion to the hair article.

A review of an Andre Brink novel.

I only managed to keep a photocopy of this review of a book about a pope without too much of a conscience.

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