Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back in the bungalow

I have many dozens more drawings done while serving my two years of military conscription, mainly in Kimberley, from 1979 to 1981. Here is a cross-section of them.

There is something about the immediacy of "drawing" with watercolours that I like. If I recall correctly, we were eventually allowed to wear civilian shirts on Sunday, except of course when going to the mess for meals.

Those felt-tip pens offered a nice bit of colour in a drab environment, and here I turned a guy's face - I think it is Alan McIntyre - into a multi-coloured object.

It's all about composition, too. Here the arm in the foreground is merely suggested, but does the trick.

Mr McIntyre again, I suspect, having a bit of a chuckle.

Another grinning soul, with beret.

The beret did give okes a certain sense of style, I suppose.

A rather sullen-looking trooper.

With just a few lines you can capture a pose.

A composite in which the oke at the top would have moved, leaving the drawing incomplete.

Again, the same old image. Oke reading on a bed, with a few "kaste" behind.

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