Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sign of the times

The strange thing is I never kept this poster, at the time, because I thought it may have some sort of interest value 30 years later. No I kept it for the drawings I did on the back. But now it takes on a new significance as we view the apartheid state as it was when I was at the media centre at 1 Intelligence Unit, Kimberley, having been booted off the actual "Burgersake", or Civic Action, course which was geared to intelligence-gathering in "the operational area" of SWA. This poster sums up what these okes were about, as the African masses rallied against apartheid and they sought to win them over.

This had been folded to fit in a large official envelope and, using an A4 scanner and a photomerge facility on Adobe photoshop, I was able to get the thing looking almost like it should.

The real reason I kept the poster was for these quick sketches of okes in the media centre, and a mug of coffee. Here, too, I had to photomerge the images.

A colleague in that media centre, his surname Selkirk, features often in my sketches. I like the use of the additional colourful doodles.

This Selkirk guy was something of a dab hand at using the airbrush, and I think this is him again, drawn against a page where he had probably tested the equipment. I wonder who Bruce Coleman was. It is not my handwriting.

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