Tuesday, July 13, 2010


In December, 1980, I spent a relaxed week or so in the sickbay at 1 Intelligence Unit, Kimberley, thanks to a dose of shingles. It started while on weekend pass. I felt so grim, for the first time I opted to take the train back from East London. By the Monday morning, when I arrived, I couldn't see out of my left eye. I was taken to a doctor in the town who diagnosed it as shingles. I was put in a ward in the unit sickbay along with a group of guys with chicken pox. Apparently the two have some sort of connection. Anyway, this afforded me a fresh opportunity to draw - albeit with one eye. I used various coloured felt-tipped pens.

This oke whiled away a lot of time making jigsaw puzzles. Oh to be ill in the army.

Another view of my jigsaw puzzle-making mate about to place a piece. I think I am now using the minimum number of lines required to achieve what I need to say.

A longer pose. Since the same guy, in this picture, was reading, I was able to spend more time embellishing with various colours.

A rare female face. The lady at the bottom was a nurse, the guy above one of my fellow patients.

Two more patients.

I rather enjoy the quickfire profile of the guy holding a cup of coffee, or whatever, with his hair, like most of them, all over the show.

These were some of the "nurses" in army uniform who ran the sickbay.

Trussed up. I think I achieved quite a pleasant effect here with a few lines.

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