Saturday, July 10, 2010

Watching TV

I had forgotten just how cramped was the hangar that served as a bungalow for over 100 souls at 1 Military Intelligence in Kimberely during my sojourn there from late 1979. These drawings all seem to have been made while the okes were grouped on or lying in beds watching television.

Here you get a sense of bed after bed, with different characters either reading or watching TV.

Again, models galore for a fairly recently schooled would-be artist.

I quite enjoy the roving line here, with the guy on the left placing a lot of weight on that right arm.

The omnipresent "kas", or steel cupboard, is visible on the left, with one oke lost in thought and the guy behind again offering a good pose for your clandestine sketcher.

I had also forgotten that in a later, smaller bungalow, there was a wall dividing the place in two, with the TV set up high above the dividing wall. What these little shelves on brackets were for escapes me, but this guy used one as a convenient vantage point to watch some telly.

The magic of a few quick lines. I really enjoy this exaggerated profile.

Another snatched sketch, done in just a few lines.

Again a cluster of okes watch TV. Note the Coke bottle in the foreground, and also, next to the TV set, the homily painted on the wall. It would have read: "A neat soldier is a proud soldier. A proud soldier is a good soldier."

I like the simplicity of line here. I suspect the guy closest to the pen is that McCann guy I mentioned earlier. The "kaste" are much in evidence here.

I think I'm really getting the hang of shading here, with the line modelling the form.

Another guy watching TV, this time while apparently seated on a steel cupboard.

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