Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Of course there was time for some recreation at 1 Intelligence Unit in Kimberley during my enforced sojourn there in late 1979, the whole of 1980 and half of 1981. Most of the activity revolved around the consumption of much alcohol. Even so, I managed to knock off a few sketches of people playing darts, snooker and, usually in the bungalows, guitar.

Ever noticed how okes pull the oddest faces while taking aim at the dart board? I think I captured that here with a handful of lines.

Another oke taking aim, this time done on a tiny bit of pink paper.

This guy, still wearing his beret, stands with snooker cue in hand waiting for a turn.

It ain't easy drawing guys playing snooker, or pool, because there is very little time to capture the pose. In this case, a smattering of lines had to suffice.

A couple more snooker poses, done with just a few lines.

I rather like the sombre expression on this guy's face as he cradles his quart of beer while watching snooker or darts. Note, too, how the size of the arm is exagerrated.

A few quick sketches of guys with guitars. It was amazing the skills that were present among the conscripts.

There was a swimming pool at the base, which again offered some sketching opportunities. Here a conscript keeps his feet cool.

One of the great allurements at the pool was the occasional presence of the young daughters of permanent force members at the base. It was hard to rein in the libido in the presence of bikini-clad babes like these on such occasions.

A couple more quick sketches by the poolside.

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