Monday, October 25, 2010

Erotic memories

I mulled a lot over whether to include this series of drawings, but in the end decided to do so in the interests of presenting a comprehensive, unexpurgated record. These were probably done in 1986, shortly after a quick, unchallenged divorce ended a three-year marriage to Anne.

I have called this "Erotic memories" because at that age, there is no denying that a young man's mind is much taken up with such things - especially if you share a bed with a young woman. Terminate that relationship and you are, ineluctably, left with a mind full of powerful memories. This recalls the parakeet we had, which would sit on both our shoulders - and was very noisy, before it flew off one day, never to be captured by us.

The same parakeet, on a naked shoulder.

My tortured mind started imagining how a woman's body would look in all manner of poses. This is probably the first time I had drawn as they teach you in those books of instruction, turning facets of the body into simple shapes, like an oval for a head.

There is, I think, a strong sculptural quality to this, which unashamedly celebrates the female form.

I have no idea in what order I did this series, but have lumped together those that seem to belong together. Hence another Rubenesque nude, her body nothing like that of the woman I once was married to.

I was apparently using a proper dipping pen, which leaves one with lines which, depending on how hard you press, range from very fine to somewhat thicker.

A woman can indeed sit on the loo in the nude, while you're also in the bathroom, and do her nails, seemingly oblivious to the impact this will have on your libido.

Or she'll happily frolic in a bath, soaping, or perhaps shaving, long, lovely legs.

It is easy to be diverted by the subject matter, but I would suggest that there is much merit in the sort of line I achieved in these drawings.

And in this one I think I have distilled the female form into a thing of seminal beauty.

Again, pure female sensuality.

Here I have taken that earlier image in my mind and reduced it to a series of arcs.

What is more enticing than a female back?

Sorry about this, but a man's mind will go where it will go.

Part of that same group of drawings was this strange creature, which perhaps reflected my actual state of mind - dogged by doubt, fear, insecurity, et al.

While not obviously a self-portrait, there must be a Freudian explanation for this.

And this.

I rather enjoy this image of where I imagined I one day might end up - in a warm, loving, trusting relationship. Just a few years later, my wishes would come true.

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