Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Weird and wonderful

My reporter's notebooks, while on the EP Herald in the late-1980s, picked up numerous drawings which sprang from my subconscious. Juxtaposed with what I was reporting on at the time, these often make for some fun connections.

There were no words alongside this fellow, and probably just as well.

My news editor on the Herald was Andre Erasmus, who has since moved to the UK. This was definitely not meant to be him, but somehow I incorporated his name and work address in the drawing. As a lover of old stamps, I think these add to the occasion.

Small wonder, while reporting on a country often in violent turmoil, I came up with this dove of peace.

No idea who this pipe-smoking guy is, possibly someone who popped into the office. But even back then, smoking was not allowed in the newsroom.

Let's face it, this is a decidedly weird visage.

I had to choose which way up to use this, but opted to give the figure preference over the landscape.

A robot with a time fetish?

Tiny dancer.

Samurai warrior.

A head for numbers.

Eyes complementing nose.

I had a relationship across the so-called colour bar in the mid- to late-1980s, which was probably still against the Immorality Act. Her name was Jean and she phoned.

A pity about the stuff "shining" through here. I'd actually like to see this is a giant painting.

On the back of the previous picture were these little images. There is reference here to Dr Frescura, a prominent UPE academic at the time.

I couldn't exclude this crazy beast, it would have felt cruel.

Ditto this young man.

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