Thursday, October 21, 2010

Music in St George's Park

I've titled this "Music in St George's Park", but can't honestly recall if all, or even any, of these sketches were done there. But I do remember drawing band members who performed at an outdoor bandstand near the swimming bath (immortalised in Athol Fugard's Master Harold and the Boys). Some of these may be they.

What makes me think this was a brass band, not a jazz band, is the suggestion every so often, of music sheets on stands. Also, the light must have been better (daylight) and I was able to get up close to draw the musicians.

Wherever this was, what always shines through is how lost musicians become in their world.

My eldest son took up the euphonium for a while, so I can relate to this. I like the left hand. This must have been a brass band, since you rarely hear euphoniums in jazz bands.

Then again, would this long-haired flautist be part of a brass band?

And this looks a lot like the Dutch jazz singer I mentioned in the previous posting, who performed often at Walmer Gardens.

And this young woman, too, could be heard at both Walmer Gardens and Razzmatazz.

This guy I think was the son of a legendary PE musician with the surname Timm.

Clarinet and trumpet. Jazz band or brass band?

Bassist, almost certainly playing jazz.

Euphonium. Clearly a brass band member.

An outdoors spectator, presumably in St George's Park.

A nanny (or granny) and child.

Little lad, with fingers in face.

Large lady enjoying the ambience.

Another baby, learning to walk.

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