Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Life's a beach

I spent several productive days at various locales on the Port Elizabeth beachfront drawing the passing parade in the mid-1980s. I even plucked up the courage to watercolour a few of them later.

This woman seems set to take a bite of something tasty.

A little girl with the head of an older woman.

A bit of fun with red.

More red fun.

This is most likely the car park at the old Red Windmill takeaway joint at what is now Hobie Beach, with one of the waitresses taking orders from people in the car.

I must have been fairly close to get this woman's face in such detail.

Ever noticed how often overweight people seem to be eating - and it's usually something not altogether too healthy, like ice cream.

On the rocks between Hobie and Pollok, a fisherman tries his luck.

This muscular lad reels in, probably also from that area of rocks.

Among the rock pools.

I'm not sure which I prefer, the coloured drawings, or those just in plain pencil. This woman is proof positive that a little flesh on the bones is not altogether a bad thing.

Mr Fitness playing a game of beach tennis.

Was this his partner?

No dogs allowed. But this woman cradles hers like a child, so maybe it can sneak in.

A few lines and you have a couple arriving with a beach hamper.

With one of the harbour container cranes visible behind and bucket in front, a woman enjoys a drink on the sand.

A few lines, again, and a curvaceous woman emerges.

By contrast, this fellow is all skin and bones.

Not so this woman, whose obviously exaggerated legs help her play a game of beach tennis.

A mum bum. A young mother walks her small child on the beach.

An older man soaks up the atmosphere.

Thin woman, thin lines.

Another fine figure is captured in a smattering of lines.

The crossed straps of this bathing suit seem somewhat out of position.

Drawing in the sun is not easy, because of the glare. Here the woman is clearly already quite burnt.

I liked this guy's puffed out chest, distorted further during the drawing process.

One of the active set with an enviably fat-free physique.

Possibly the same oke from another angle.

A lamb-like dog? Or did someone actually have a lamb on the beach?

Large as life, with towel.

And, finally, a reclining lad on the sand.

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