Friday, October 8, 2010

In and around Port Elizabeth

Following several postings showcasing drawings arising from my subconscious, this lot were done from life while I was out and about in and around Port Elizabeth as a reporter on the Evening Post and later the EP Herald in the mid- to late-1980s. I know this because the drawings are on the inside covers of notebooks.

I have no recollection of drawing this, or who the character is, but it was in a notebook, so at some point this guy was either in our office or I spotted him "out on the beat".

There is no mistaking this profile. Drawn slightly from behind, this was the view one had from the reporters' desk in the City Hall council chamber of veteran PE city councillor Frikkie Kotze, who headed the roads and engineering committee, if I recall correctly, in the late 1980s.

Another day, another pen, but Frikkie's in the same old spot again.

Again I can't recall where or when I did this sketch of women waiting with their bags.

Another character captured in line, but about whom I have no recollection.

Ditto this woman - just another face along the way.

I think this could have been done at one of the free lunch-hour jazz concerts that were put on at the PE Opera House.

This looks very much like a guy who worked as an interpreter at the New Law Courts.

Another one I can't recall.

This, I suspect, was Wendy Franckel (or Frankel, or Frankle), who was a reporter on the Evening Post for a time in the mid-1980s.

And where the heck is this? It looks like tall mountains next to the sea - the sort of scene one associates with the Garden Route.

These sketches were done on the outside of the large envelope in which I have kept many of the drawings just shown on this blog. Hence its somewhat battered state. The man on the left is Post news editor Cliff Foster, while reporter Cathy Schnell is on the woman.

This lovely feminine pose is probably that Wendy woman mentioned earlier.

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