Thursday, October 7, 2010

Still crazy after all these years

Please forgive the use of the Paul Simon song title, but I thought it apposite. These drawings are about 25 years old - done while I was working as a reporter on the EP Herald in Port Elizabeth in the mid- to late-1980s. While some people doodle while they're waiting on the phone, I did these crazy drawings out of my subconscious. And, looking back, they are still pretty bizarre.

I mean, what's with the location of this fella's private parts?

There seems to be a phallic presence here, too, enough to cause a split personality.

Between the times and phone numbers, a harried looking fellow in a landscape.

I'm not even sure I did that attempt at a foot, but the sailor-like lad is definitely mine.

There is no way my conscious mind could have come up with this, although of course once the idea starts forming on the page, the artistic training kicks in in terms of composition and shading.

Where better to do a bit of art than on an art exhibition invitation?

I scanned this because I have a thing about stamps and envelopes as historical documents. In these days of e-mail communication, reporters don't receive many actual, real documents like this. Notice what went into it. The name is typed on an old typewriter, with a mistake having been tippexed out and retyped. Then the stamp extols the Bible, something they would not do today when all religions, and non-religions, are equal. But what I do like is the franking. They used to do this a lot, and I'm not sure how it worked, but it seems with each stamp sold, or franked, money went, in this case, to help Natal flood disaster victims.

This oke looks like he belongs on the Bard's stage.

Phew, it's hot on this page.

And what are all these finger-like shapes up to?

There is a little note about alienation, bottom right, which seems to tie in with these odd, animal-like creatures.

Follow the lines closely and you'll pick up the lanky lad's reflection.

And this creature with a pyramid nose?

I like the African quality to this.

Good dog.

This definitely owes a lot to the cover illustration for Anthony Burgess's A Clockwork Orange.

And he looks like he just survived a bit of a bovver.

Childhood reflections, perhaps.

Nose no bounds.

Another parker.

She looks game for a bit of fun, know what I mean? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink ...

And this guy couldn't get more serious.

I'm too boring to be of interest.

A beret, or just a lekker kuif?

She looks like she popped up out of Wonderland.

Eel get used to it.

Where are you heading?

Nice doggie.

Need a tissue?

Time affects us all differently.

I'm keeping mum.

They moved Playland from a site on the landward side of Marine Drive to King's Beach. This is not the Durban guy, I don't think.

Hell of a nose this guy has.

He's like something out of Greek mythology, but I can't think what.

And this skeg-nozed laddie just breezed in to enter an art competition.

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