Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Back in the courts

Still stuck in the 1980s, I'm afraid. This is a collection of sketches I did while covering the Port Elizabeth magistrate's courts in the mid-1980s, which I later watercoloured.

This guy was, I suspect, not a suspect, nor a lawyer or magistrate, but an interpretor, an essential part of the administration of justice, even, or rather especially, under apartheid, which essentially was rule by unjust laws.

African men seemed to love these flat caps, more often associated with Yorkshire, England. This guy was one of the many characters found in the corridors of the law courts in North End.

The beak. An imperious-looking magistrate.

Another magistrate considers his verdict.

And another.

This guy I recall as having been a public prosecutor.

And this was one of the court sergeants.

Another copper.

No doubt this was an older guy up for some or other misdemeanor.

This guy, too, visited the dock.

All types were to be found in the New Law Courts complex, including this man on crutches.

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