Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Face fun

'What goes on in my mind?' That's a question the Beatles asked during my youth. Well, this series of drawings from the late-1980s show my subconscious mind dwelt a lot on heads and faces, among other parts of the human anatomy.

Looks like the guy on top has a head start.

Three heads are better than one, surely.

Which way are you headin'?


Male pin-up, with thumbs.

Bending over backwards.

Cat on the move.

Parquet-flooring man.

Spot the figure.

'Those in the front rows just rattle your jewellery." - John Lennon

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ...


More yackety-yack.

Speak up!


And what is this little creature, tippy-toeing across the page?

And this wart-encrusted fellow?

Blazes, it's hot!

Well, I'm cold!

I'm just odd, and my arms are inadequate.

I'm cross and cross-eyed.

I'm terribly well educated.

Can I alp?

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