Thursday, November 11, 2010

Out and about in London

Living and working in the greatest English-speaking metropolis in the world, one cannot help - having British roots as I do - but be inspired by the people and places of London and, indeed, the rest of the UK and Ireland.

What could be more iconic than the Eros statue in Picadilly Circus? We had a camera, which meant a lot of photographs were taken throughout my stay, but for me the drawings will remain the most special.

"If you come to Parliament Hill ..." That is how a lovely song by Magna Carta starts. This is two kiteflyers on the windswept slopes of Parliament Hill in a corner of Hampstead Heath, overlooking the City.

I recall this as a drawing of a cellist in a courtyard outside the Royal Academy of Arts. I made several visits to this gallery, including seeing a wonderful exhibition by Monet.

In the British Museum one can get transported back in time. This seems to be from Easter Island.

It was good to see art students sitting around in the museum sketching. So I sketched them in turn.

I think this was at the same time, as people did their best to draw what they saw.

A young student in a "hoody" against a backdrop of some ancient sculptures in the museum.

And an old guy reading a paper in the museum.

It was damn cold, even with the central heating. Here Robyn covered up with a duvet.

Robyn in profile. We would be married in a civil ceremony in Ealing in April, 1990.

A somewhat concerned Robyn - and why not, she faced a future with me, of all people.

We paid a visit to the Shebeen. While this is the old term for a township tavern, it has its origins in Ireland. Each weekend there was live entertainment - and plenty of Guinness. This is Michael O'Rourke of the duo, The Crack.

I did all these drawings in the Shebeen on a single A4 page, folded over. Here is the Crack's John Slater on fiddle.

This is John Slater holding a mandolin.

Slater again, back on the fiddle.

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