Monday, November 29, 2010

Familiar faces

Between 1992 and 1994, I was reporting on the EP Herald in Port Elizabeth, and during that time I made sketches of various characters, many of them on the city council, which was in the process of negotiating a new dispensation with leaders from the black community.

I can't place this old woman, but rather like the drawing.

The oke on the left with the hooded eyes is the then National Party mayor, Koos Nel, while the old guy on the right is Graham Young, a former mayor, who was a member of the Democratic Party.

Another prominent DP councillor was Flip Potgieter. Despite being Afrikaans, he was one of the most progressive DP members and would later join the ANC.

I've mentioned this old Nat councillor before on an earlier posting, but his name now eludes. I know there is a road named after him in PE. Such is fame.

I remember this profile as that of a guy called Brian Wasmuth, who I think was with the PE Chamber of Commerce.

This round-faced dude I can't place.

On occasion I did the odd court sketch for publication.

This isn't an exact likeness, but I'm fairly sure from the pose that it is Lourens Schoeman, who was night news editor on the Herald for many years in the 1990s.

The inimitable pose of Patrick Cull, veteran parliamentary correspondent on the Herald in the 19880s, 1990s and 2000s.

Tanya Keeling was news editor's secretary in the late 1980s and 1990s on the Herald. I was surprised, while working in the UK in 1990 and 1991, to discover that she had married Mr Cull, whose former wife, Cleonie, was a fine arts lecturer at the then PE Technikon.

This takes us back to 1985, when I was on the Evening Post. It is an interesting historical picture, taken by Mike Holmes, who is still at Newspaper House. Note the old editing system, called Atex. I'm the dude with the tired shoes and ridiculous moustache. The others are (from left) Cathy Schnell, Jane Cunningham, Kevin Udemans, and Sharlene Clayton. I wonder where they are today? Notice that Kevin is trawling through a file of clippings in the pre-digital library era. The black-and-white photo would have been developed by Mr Holmes in our darkroom. It has been cropped, using china marker, for use apparently in a feature on the editing system which was carried in the Weekend Post. Back then - and the system was used through until the mid-1990s to late 1990s, when it was replaced by the Tera Goodnews editing system - we sat at desks sans computers. Only once we had our story would we find a terminal, log on, and do our thing.

This girl with fly-away hair also resembles Tanya, or Tanga as she was sometimes known.

I can't be sure who this was, but he has all the hallmarks of a seasoned journalist in terms of posture and pose.

Inevitably, I would end up listening to a bit of jazz somewhere.

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