Monday, November 1, 2010

More jazz

As mentioned in a previous posting, jazz brought the races together at informal shows in Port Elizabeth in the late 1980s. Some were held on Sunday evenings at the Walmer Gardens Hotel, others on Saturday afternoons at Razzmatazz in, I think, Grace Street, off the then Main Street, not far from the Market Square.

One of the veterans of the local jazz scene was keyboard player Errol Cuddemby. I'm not sure where I did this drawing of him - coloured, somewhat garishly, later - but he would often play the lead melody on the piano.

I did several drawings in a pale red pastel, which didn't really work. I tried to lift them with some watercolours - not always that effectively.

The oil pastels, being water-repellent, create an interesting tension with the watercolours.

One of the many fine sax players to come out of the PE townships.

A young white dude who slotted in on guitar.

Here I've used a minimum of paint on a clarinetist.

One of the patrons, possibly, or maybe a vocalist.

I think this may have been a young female vocalist.

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