Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Concert in the park

I mentioned in an earlier post that I recalled sketching a brass band at play on the bandstand in St George's Park, Port Elizabeth, in the late-1980s. Well, I've finally found those drawings, and they seem quite successful. The key thing is the good light - unlike when drawing jazzmen in dark interior settings.

My younger son would, for a while, take up the trombone at high school. There is something quite comical about its sound.

A French horn player.

A bassoon player.

A trumpeter.

Another trumpeter.

A bagpipe player.

A close-up of someone playing what? Some sort of brass instrument.

This lad seems to be playing a clarinet.

So, too, this one.

"People come from miles around, to hear the music maker." - Donovan

Another of the listeners.

Arms and the man.

All ears.

I can't for the life of me remember this guy's name. He headed Capab in Port Elizabeth in the late-1980s, and was an accomplished pianist. I caught him in action with a leading international concert pianist (with whom he played several duets) in the Feather Market Hall.

That visiting concert pianist, playing a solo.

That same Capab oke.

An appreciative admirer.

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