Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Back on the beach

Another beach visit came to light when I found this batch of drawings, done around 1985. Some of these I had mounted, none too accurately, so forgive the occasional outline.

With summer in the southern hemisphere around the corner, these images make me wish I could shake off the decades and head for the beach for a good bodysurf. Barack and I, both. He grew up in the waves of Hawaii. I had to settle for those of Bonza Bay. These drawings, however, were done in Port Elizabeth.

Taking watercolours to drawings is always risky, but I think these work quite well.

Volleyball players.

Lifesaving is big as a sport in SA, and this is a group of lifies taking out one of those rather lovely long wooden rescue boats they have. I wonder if they still use them today?

Larger than life, but quite happy to be enjoying the sea and sun.

A typical PE beachfront scene, with paddle-skiers and catamarans. Sadly, the beachfront has seen an influx of noisy jetskis in recent years.

PE's wind is often a boon, clearing the sky and facilitating kite-flying and windsurfing. Also, wind power will play an increasingly important role as a turbine farm is established.

Family outing, with Summerstrand behind.

Man, child, baby, dog, boat.

Picking up pebbles ...

Lazy Sunday afternoon ...


The rock behind is a PE landmark, near Pollok Beach.

Apparently listing somewhat, a ship in the roadstead.

Checking out the surf ahead of a swim.

Summer day reflection.

PE's harbour acquired three container cranes in the late-1980s. But there was drama a few years later when a gale blew one of them loose from its moorings and it sped off, before coming to a sudden halt and landing in a tangled heap of metal on the quay.

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