Monday, November 1, 2010

Cape Town

I started going out with a young woman, formerly of Cape Town, whom I would end up marrying. It was the late 1980s and we headed down to Rondebosch from PE to meet Robyn's father. During our stay, we attended a jazz concert at the Baxter and did a few other touristy things.

One of the guitarists at that Baxter Concert Hall show, which featured Johnny Fourie and Allen Kwela.

Was this Johnny Fourie?

A sax player at the concert.

Was this Allen Kwela?

This wasn't done at the same show, but I found it with those pictures so ...

This guy seems to be playing some kind of accordion that you blow into.

The concert programme, with a Kinbellishment.

View up the headlands from Cape Point parking area.

One of the many bays in the peninsula.

This was done from, I think, the Rondebosch area.

A chef, waiting, outside an eatery on Greenmarket Square.

Also on the square, a pan-pipe-playing busker.

In the Gardens, an elderly lad with misshapen head (my mistake) reading a newspaper.

An intriguing statue of Jan Smuts somewhere near Parliament. Is it still there, or has it been banished on the grounds of it being a reminder of colonialism?

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