Wednesday, February 16, 2011

At the cricket

With the tenth Cricket World Cup set to get under way in South Asia this weekend, I hauled out some sketches I made about five years ago, when my sons and I went to watch the Proteas in the nets at St George's Park in Port Elizabeth. There are other drawings done while watching a game at the same venue.

It is no easy task sketching cricketers through the nets. Firstly, they are obviously active all the time, and then there is the obstruction of the nets themselves. Anyway, this is a left-handed batsman, but I'm blowed if I can guess who.

This bears a slight resemblance to AB de Villiers.

No prizes for guessing who this is - Hashim Amla, whose beard has become part of cricket legend, much as WG Grace's must have many, many years ago. In fact, Wikipedia tells us Grace "played first-class cricket for a record-equalling 44 seasons, from 1865 to 1908".

Could this be the man himself, Biff, Graeme Smith, the SA captain?

Another of the lads, under that typical cap. Could it be Jacques Kallis, another living legend of the game?

Two more quick sketches of the lads. Notice I managed to get in part of the "South Africa" written on the back of the bottom figure's shirt.

While sitting in the old stand at St George's, there where the famous band can be seen, I did this drawing of a woman taking in the action through her binoculars.

Another fan soaking up the atmosphere.

Some of the more body-proud spectators show off their torsos.

This looks like a typically languid match umpire.

Fortunately, it's not only the men who enjoy soaking up the sun during a match.

Cellphone buffs will be able to pinpoint what year this is by the type of phone this guy is using.

Surely not Hashim after an early dismissal? More likely just another spectator.

And another.

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