Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Back in the Karoo

In a small folder I have located paper offcuts of various shapes and sizes, which I took along on trips to the Karoo in the first decade of the century. Here are a few done at the Cradock Mountain Zebra Park and on a farm, Spring Valley, near Steynsburg.

There is no substitute for the fine detail you can get with a ballpoint pen. Here I explored a mountain, featured earlier in watercolours, from our cabin in the Mountain Zebra Park.

Another detail of that view from the cabin.

Dolorite boulders predominate in the Cradock area.

One of the distinctive mountains on that farm near Steynsburg.

Another fine peak, up which I dare say I once climbed.

A new development in the remote Karoo - cattle instead of sheep.

A woman I know quite well, having been married to her for nearly 21 years!

Karoo farms, when well cared for, will always feature beautiful flower beds around the homestead. This is a pot of flowers on Spring Valley.

Another pot, sans flowers.

Feral cats, would you believe?, are often to be found around Karoo farm homesteads. We once went for a walk along a river bed accompanied by a pair of them - behaving much like dogs, except they didn't have nearly the same staying power.

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