Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Just to show, as I approached 50 in 2006 that I had lost none of my zaniness, herewith some drawings done out of my subconscious around that time.

I have a theory that many artists and poets are wired in such a way that their creative impulses are triggered by an absence of romantic love. If I recall correctly, I picked up a couple of packs of different coloured bits of card and went "tekere" at a time when my wife Robyn was on a school "outdoor education" trip to Cape Town. It also occurred when she took a trip to the UK to meet up with her brothers on a couple of occasions. So ja, while the cat's away, the artist must, by his very nature, play.

These images were never preplanned. I have a girlish hand which lends itself to gently flowing lines. So I just start at some point and allow the thing to develop.

Sadly, I notice this sort of card used is already starting to show blemishes of brown, which detract somewhat from the crisp linear work.

Just another sign along the way. I think Jackson Browne said that.

I'll let you be in my dream if I be in yours. Dylan (Bob, not Thomas) said that.

The mane oke.

Quite a feat.

Done at a stretch.

I'm keeping mum.

This foot came through the line. - Dylan



Not quite a leopard-skin pillbox hat.

Behind the veil.

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