Monday, February 14, 2011


For the past 11 years or so, my eldest son Luke and I have gone out on numerous bird-watching expeditions. On this occasion, during a visit to Settlers Park in Port Elizabeth, I took along some paper and a pencil.

Luke searches for his quarry.

Getting down low. On one occasion a very young Luke's persistence paid off when he spotted a southern tchagra in dense thicket - based purely on the call, which he recognised.

Not sure what species this is.

Luke blends in with the verdant surroundings.

Another park visitor, with super-short shorts.

I watercoloured these later, and it doesn't always work. Anyway, this is a shady stretch of the Baakens River.

White arum lilies are a feature of some of the damp, shady areas.

A speckled mousebird perhaps?

I rather enjoy the abstract quality of this picture of a house overlooking the valley. I put together a self-published book a few years back called "A birder's diary", which I have started to turn into a blog called "Birding About The Bush". It is available at http:/

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