Monday, February 21, 2011

On growing older

The following images were done about eight years ago on orange paper, and for some reason the theme of ageing seemed to creep in.

This is probably one of my sons, in his early teens, his body a picture of youthful vigour.

Drawn from the esplanade at Bonza Bay, this old man plods alongside the river, a harsh reminder that one day, if we live long enough, we will all end up aged and decrepit - and indeed count ourselves lucky to still be walking about like this old fellow.

Another young un, possibly my nephew, Stuart.

We did a family walk from Bonza Bay to Nahoon Mouth, which was where I recall capturing this guy, his girth reflecting the impact of a life well lived.

Another fuller figure seen on the beach.

A few lines, but the effect is the same: as we age, our bodies become, let's say, more interesting.

Not sure why I added the Afrikaans speech bubble, but what is most disturbing is the skull-like face.

This I recall as being my elder brother, Ian. Now pushing 60, he is one of the veterans of Bonza Bay, where long walks along the beach no doubt contribute to his slender form.

This I recall as one of his daughters, either Angie or Lara.

And this looks like it could be my eldest son, Luke, back then, about eight years ago.

A muscle-bound bather, but I can't think who it might be.

At the Nahoon River mouth I spotted this group carrying a rubber ducky, or inflatable dinghy.

This seems to be youngest son Doug.

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