Thursday, February 17, 2011

At the school concert

These drawings were done during a music concert about eight years ago when my sons were at Herbert Hurd Primary School in Newton Park.

Part of the charm, for me, of this drawing of a young cellist is the profile of the girl on the left.

I can still picture this young blonde girl, who played the flute that morning.

What is it about young boys? I did this sketch of a group of them, possibly in the choir, and it turned out positively evil.

Another view of that young cellist.

The school had recently recruited this young woman as a music teacher. Here she looked superb in a red French-style beret, playing the violin.

My son Doug later took up the trombone for a while, but think this is another pupil.

This young guy waits to have a blast on his recorder.

An aspirant violinist.

Another fine-fingered flautist.

The same lady with the beret, now playing the recorder.

I suspect this is young Doug on the recorder. Today, self-taught, he has become a fairly adept guitarist.

My eldest son, Luke, was saddled with the euphonium for a while.

Luke again on that euphonium.

And again.

Another flautist. Note the shape of the left hand which, though distorted, does I believe evoke the sort of contortions required to play this instrument.

This looks like someone playing a bass recorder.

Finally, a saxophonist. Bizarrely, the performer's hair has taken on a Little Richard appearance.

This is another of those spooky images which sometimes emerge. I drew the trophies on a table on the stage - and some faces on the right, which seem to glower menacingly.

This young guy had also recently joined the staff as a music teacher.

One of the dads at the concert.

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