Friday, February 25, 2011

Still crazy

Yeah, I finally dug up this little drawing, which you'll notice was incorporated by my son, Doug, when he used his expertise to help me make the header for this blog.

Most of these were done almost subconsciously. Here the drawing is above a note left by our domestic at the time.

Doug and I started exploring music together, and in the course of this I came up with a tiger.

That's more like it. Utterly absurd image.

And another - in need of a shave.

These little okes seemed to be haunting me. This was done on another occasion.

Notes about trivial family matters can, with the help of a few lines, become a face.

Just a babe. That's what emerged as I considered a George Pemba exhibition.

Heard a nice "men's joke" recently. Guy at a car dealership asks his customer: "Are you thinking of buying that Cadillac?" He replies: "No, I am buying the Cadillac. I'm thinking about women." It seems this image sprang from that subconscious well.

Another subliminal give-away.

Oops! And another, along with a shopping list that includes a heavily underlined item. (As if I'd forget.)

Another gallery presser gets the treatment.

This was done on a picture sticker. These, as a page designer in the first decade of this century on the Herald, I'd stick on the back of images from Associated Press, or Reuters, printed out and sent up for scanning.

Brett Kebble died in a bizarre way. A court case is still ongoing in connection with the mining magnate's demise. But in the early 2000s he was a prominent patron of the arts - and the ANC Youth League. You go figure.

Fitting the page.

Shame about the face.

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