Monday, August 15, 2011

The PFP / DP, Marguerite Poland, Morgan Tsvangirai

Instead of praising the liberal and anti-apartheid Progressive Federal Party of Helen Suzman, Van Zyl Slabbert and Colin Eglin, the ANC, post-1994, cosied up to their former oppressors, the National Party. I took issue with this approach in the Sunday Times - and even elicited some responses the following week. Also included here is a review I did of a Marguerite Poland novel, and more letters on the Zimbabwe issue.

My letter on the ANC's approach to the Democratic Party, successor to the PFP, which appeared on June 8, 2003. (Please click on the text to see it larger.)

Two responses to my letter, which appeared in the Sunday Times on June 15, 2003.

My review of Recessional for Grace, by Marguerite Poland, which appeared in the Herald, Port Elizabeth, on June 25, 2003. I subsequently heard that in a later edition of the book, a short extract from this was used on the cover. I am quite proud of that, and also cherish a short note which the author sent me thanking me for the review.

My concern for Mugabe's reign of terror grew as the decade progressed. This article, following the arrest of Morgan Tsvangirai, appeared in the Herald on June 23, 2003.

Another bite at the Zim cherry, which appeared on June 28, 2003.

Predictably, the ANC apologists took issue with my views. This, from Sbusiso Ndamase, appeared on July 16, 2003.

Grahamstown's Michael Whisson, like me, often took issue with the Herald's political correspondent, Patrick Cull.

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