Monday, August 1, 2011

Nceba Faku, Ron Belling, Andre Brink, Nkosazana Zuma, Oliver Sacks

The eclectic nature of my interests is evident in this selection of articles I had published in the Herald in 2002.

Happily, editor Ric Wilson was still allowing me space to put the ANC in its place, which I did here. The article concludes below. (Please click on the text to read in a larger format.)

The concluding part of the article on the Employment Equity Act and affirmative action.

The late Ron Belling has a gallery named after him in Park Drive, Port Elizabeth. This is a review I did of one of his shows.

A review of The Other Side of Silence, a book by one of South Africa's greatest novelists, Andre Brink.

Nkosazana Zuma was South Africa's Foreign Minister in the early 2000s, and led the government's insane policy of appeasement towards Robert Mugabe. In these days (this was published on October 18, 2002) Herald subs were allowed, even encouraged, to submit letters for publication.

Having arrived in Port Elizabeth from East London in 1984, I was instantly struck by the unique character of the old part of the city, commonly called Central, with all its interesting architecture. I argue here that this has to be an integral part of any tourism strategy. Tragically, many of the historic Central buildings are being allowed to fall into decay.

On what better note to end this posting than a cerebral book, Uncle Tungsten, by Oliver Sacks?

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