Monday, August 29, 2011

Zimbabwe, wealth creation, affirmative action, Kathryn Smith, Michael Hartnack

It is the latter half of 2004 and Zimbabwe continues to go through hell thanks to Mugabe's regime. I had another go at the dictator in the Herald at the time. Another issue which raised a fair amount of debate was affirmative action. This segment also includes a review of a book about wealth creation, a critique of an art exhibition by Kathryn Smith, and an article on Zim by Michael Hartnack.

My article on Zimbabwe, which appeared in the Herald, Port Elizabeth, on July 17, 2004. (Please click on the text to see it larger.)

My review of Seeds of Wealth, by Henry Hobhouse, which appeared in the Herald on July 28, 2004. ANC supporters should take some pointers on just how wealth is created.

This piece on affirmative action, published on August 5, 2004, stirred up the proverbial hornets' nest. It concludes below.

The last part of my piece on affirmative action.

My review of an exhibition by Standard Bank Young Artist of the Year Kathryn Smith.

These letters were published in response to my piece on affirmative action.

The Herald also ran this piece on affirmative action by University of Port Elizabeth (now NMMU) academic Prof David Rosenberg.

An unexpected attack from a white man in Cape Town, Waldo Muller.

Then a couple of volleys from some supporters, including a former Evening Post senior editor, Graham Etherington. Interesting, too, is the letter on the left, from Athol Fugard's sister, Glenda. I wonder if she ever had any joy with her request?

My views on Zimbabwe under fire from the left.

Ironically, on the same day the above letter appeared, this article by correspondent Michael Hartnack was run just below it on the page. I trust the letter-writer read it.

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