Thursday, August 4, 2011

Zimbabwe, Michael Hartnack, The Lord of the Rings

Three years since Mugabe started his madness in Zimbabwe in 2000, I kept up a steady barrage of articles critical of him in the Herald. But it was the paper's Harare correspondent, Michael Hartnack, who kept us fully up to speed with his country's collapse. I run one of his articles here. But, with two young sons, there was also need for some escape, and the Lord of the Ring films provided it.

This was written some time late in 2003. (Click on the text to see it in larger format.)

The first part of a Michael Hartnack article. The remainder is below.

Hartnack continued.

The Herald had a Friday entertainment supplement, the TGIF, for about 10 years. This piece on the Lord of the Ring films appeared in it on October 1, 2003. It concludes below.

The last of the Rings article. Please forgive the repeated column of text.

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