Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The ANC, the Holocaust, abelungu, affirmative action, Yosl Rakover

The support that Thabo Mbeki's ANC government gave to Robert Mugabe's reign of terror in the last decade gave rise to serious concerns about the ANC's commitment to democracy. I wrote about this in the Herald. This posting also includes a review of a book about people who helped Jews escape the Holocaust, a discussion on racial epithets, affirmative action and a novel that is more real for being fiction.

My article on Mbeki's policy of "quiet diplomacy". The piece continues below. (Please click on the text to see it at a readable size.)

The last part of the piece on Mbeki.

My review of Martin Gilbert's The Righteous, which was published in the Herald on February 26, 2003. I wrote a novel, based on fact, which deals with the dangers of dogma. Read it at

In the light of Julius Malema's "Shoot the Boer" calls, this piece from February 28, 2003, takes on added relevance.

Occasionally I would get a letter in the Sunday Times - probably one out of every five submitted. This one was about affirmative action. I never cut it out, so this was found on their website. Ah, the wonders of the steam age! (With apologies to Spike Milligan.)

Yosl Rakover Talks to God, by Zvi Kolitz, was a fascinating read.

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