Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A votre sante

There have probably been several PE Arts & Crafts shops in the city down the years, but this one in Russell Road no longer seems to be listed in the phone book.

However, I rather like the composition and colours here, helped by the upside-down stamp.

This envelope was rather rudely cut by the City Treasurer lady who collected it for the stamp. Anyway, a phone book check reveals no Schlesingers at all.

Likewise, Photo Express has disappeared. Not surprising, given how digital cameras have affected the industry. I like the way the envelope is simply addressed to the city treasurer.

There also doesn't seem to be an M Wiseman left in Port Elizabeth, optician or otherwise.

This is a bit of a mystery. I wonder what that coat of arms with a prancing black horse represents. Well a quick google search reveals that the words at the bottom, "a votre sante" are in fact French and are a toast, "to your health".

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