Friday, May 20, 2011

Park Gate

I'm a relative newcomer to Port Elizabeth, having only spent about 27 years here, almost half my life. So when I got here in 1984, I'm pretty sure the Park Gate tea rooms and grocers in Western Road was no longer there.

That said, it seems I may just have missed it, because in the current phone book there is a Park Gate Supermarket listed in Western Road. This must be at the top of the street, near Rink Street and hence, quite close to the main gate into St George's Park, between the two wings of the former King George VI Art Gallery, renamed about a decade ago along with a myriad other things, after Nelson Mandela.

There are a couple of H Evans listings in the phone book, but no company by this name.

There are, of course, a couple of Schultz branches in PE, one of them a stone's throw from where I live in Newton Park. Algemene Uitrusters probably translates to General Outfitters, so this must be the same family firm. I see they were based at Berry-se-Hoek, or Berry's Corner. This I recall as being on the corner of Kempston and Stanford roads.

Another Divisional Council which owed the PE Municipality some money.

There is no P B Calitz listed in the phone book, but the name resonates thanks to Anton Calitz, a musician who I saw early in his career in the late-1980s.

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