Monday, May 30, 2011

Val-Orange and Industex

There is not much to commend this envelope front apart from the interesting franking pattern - and the fact that it was posted in Somerset East, not Port Elizabeth. What did someone in that little town owe money to the City Treasurer for, I wonder.

Again, the franking date is 1961, but I see the marks also contain different times, which is amazing. Did they change their franking stamps as the day progressed?

Ah, I see this was on the back of the envelope - a company called Scott, Stegmann & Mills. I've just checked the phone book and none of those surnames is listed in the town today.

What was Val-Orange, I wonder? Well they're no longer in the phone book. But on the Net? There seems to be nothing conclusive. Val may be valuable. Orange could be the citrus fruit, or a reference to the Orange Free State, or to Holland.

Industex, surely, is still with us in PE. Would you believe it, they're not in the phone book. Yet a google search reveals Industec Technical Textiles are very much a going concern in Neave Township, PE. They were founded in 1949, says the website. But how do people contact them?

Krikst's Butchery, which was in Durban Road, Korsten, has also disappeared, judging by its absence from the phone book.

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